Have you ever smelled an intriguing fragrance that effortlessly stirred sweet memories or prompted you to embody a different persona?

I am Jewelz, the mastermind behind Couture Candlez by Jewelz. My venture into the world of candle making commenced alongside my husband in 2006. Fueled by a passion for captivating fragrances and exquisite candles, I embarked on a journey to craft products using top-notch wax blends, potent premium fragrance oils, and exceptional burn time longevity.

Various fragrances offer me an escape. With closed eyes, I envision becoming anyone, anywhere. My candles curate an atmosphere of opulence and evoke nostalgic experiences.

The passion to share my expertise in candle-making inspired the creation of the renowned Black Candle Maker's Club (BCMC) and University. Within this community, members and students join forces to discuss candle safety, ignite creativity, and engage in courses that offer empowering tools for both novice and experienced chandlers. The culmination of these efforts is a brand that epitomizes indulgence, opulence, and luxury, reflected in every exquisite candle product.

~ I am proud to be your expert candle designer ~