Have you ever purchased a candle that smelled amazing in the package, but as soon as you get home to burn it, the scent disappeared? This was the story of my candle life!

The year was 2006 when my husband and I decided to make our own candles. Social media wasn’t "popular" back then, so  "word of mouth" was our sales platform. We did this on & off throughout the years because we enjoyed it.

In January of 2019, I rekindled my candle making passion by creating "Couture Candlez by Jewelz." The inspiration this time was my love for bling and culture. The candle names come from a combination of precious jewels and beautiful countries.

My passion will always be to develop candles that stand out from the rest! Not only am I obsessed with scented candles, I am a lover of all things that sparkle, bling, and shine! My candles have an aroma that actually lasts a long time in your home! This is what I want to share with the world. The beauty of a glamorous candle design paired with the ability to indulge in exhilarating scents that will awaken your senses.

~ I am proud to be your expert candle designer ~