Have you ever purchased a candle that smelled amazing in the package, but as soon as you get home to burn it, the scent disappeared? This was the story of my candle life!

I am an expert candle designer and the creator of Couture Candlez by Jewelz. My candle journey started in 2006 as my obsession of fragrances & candles inspired me to create candles with high-quality wax blends, potent premium fragrance oils, and burn time longevity.

The scent of different fragrances create an escape for me. As I close my eyes, I dream of being whomever I want, wherever I want. My candles create an experience of luxury surroundings and nostalgia. 

The desire to share my candle-making expertise led me to start the famous Black Candle Maker's Club and University. My members & students collaborate about candle safety, creativity, & courses to provide tools designed to empower new and seasoned chandlers. The result of my candle products is a brand that captivates indulgence, opulence, & luxury.

~ I am proud to be your expert candle designer ~